TradeRush Review

TradeRush is an option focused broker developed to provide a simple and fast way to trade. TradeRush also offers an iPhone app for those that are on the go, but still want to keep up with their trades. A wide variety of options can be traded with TradeRush including selected stock and indices, commodities, as well as Forex.

TradeRush offers a maximum return of 81% on binary options for investments that finish “in the money” at the expiration of the investment term. For example, if you invest £500, your return will be £905. Fixed trading offers the most stable benefit when trading online.

TradeRush offers three kinds of options including call, put and one touch.

A call option occurs when the trader thinks the market price of an asset will rise and extract a profit. If the call is correct a profit happens and if the call is wrong, the trader will suffer a loss.

A put option occurs if the trader thinks the market price of an asset will fall. If the put is correct the trader will experience a profit, if not, it is a loss.

The touch option allows the trader to specify a range the asset of choice “touches” at some point before the expiration of the trading time. If it fails to reach that point or passes through it, a loss will occur, but if the touch call is correct, the trader will make a profit. The touch option is particularly popular for Forex traders.

Trade Rush also offers a new option called 60 Seconds. This is fast paced trading action for quick profits and is just the right mechanism for those who like to hit and run the trading boards. With this option the trader specifies the level they think the market will reach within the next 60 seconds. This is particularly useful way to make a profit after a significant economic announcement.

Unfortunately, there is no demonstration version of TradeRush available for those who would like to test drive the platform.

Opening an account is easy and the minimum deposit is £200. There is no waiting period to start trading after an account is opened and funded. As soon as your funding is approved, traders can let the trading begin.

TradeRush opened their doors in 2011 and introduced more than 60 second binary options to the online trading community. TradeRush offers trading in Spain, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Canada and the United States.