eToro Review

eToro offers trading with a twist. Although eToro is not a Forex company, they offer Forex trading, along with gold, oil, minerals and other commodities. Their trading platform is easy to use and they provide all the necessary tools and informational material to help a trader become successful and savvy as they build their portfolio and profits.

The twist to trading with the eToro platform is the social trading, which is proving to be a very exciting and successful way to trade online. Traders from all over the world have the ability to join forces and to learn from each as they discuss their strategies, methods and exchange know how. The groups form similar to Facebook and Twitter and follow each other and become trading friends. The collective wisdom generated by the group will empower everyone to trade smarter and be more successful.

eToro has developed GuruFinder, CopyTrader and Copy me as tools anyone can use to find the most successful eToro traders and copy their trades. These tools give every trader the ability to find other traders using certain criteria or open the same trade as your favorite fellow trader.

This is another way traders new to the trading market can learn the nuances of trading, building confidence as time and trades go on. eToro offers incentives for traders who are seen as Guru’s and have their trading strategies copied by other traders. Social trading is a network of traders helping other traders to be successful.

eToro offers the eToro Training Academy. It is an education center with a wide range of learning tools to help traders learn more about Forex trading and the new comer to understand what online trading is all about. The learning center is loaded with guides, webinars and videos to show traders step by step how to execute a trade and build a strategy portfolio as you go along.

eToro believes simplicity is one of the keys to success. The trading platforms are flexible, making trading efficient. Platforms are available for home use and for those always on the go. eToro has the largest social trading network, using “OpenBook” that is ideal for any level of trader.

eToro also offers each trader a no cost, practice account with virtual money to practice and fine tune their skills or learn from the ground up before investing their own, hard earned dollars. eToro provides customer support to help traders be as success as possible with trader insights, market analysis and the latest financial news.